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Community membership

Trading and investing in the financial markets is a personal journey, but there are many obstacles on the way.


Increase your knowledge, experience and motivation by becoming a member of the DR Kripto community.


As a member of the community, you will get access to private channels that contain valuable information such as:

  • daily analysis of the situation

  • trades and investments

  • events, news on the market

  • access to the online trading room

The goal of the community is integrity, cooperation and ultimately profit.

How to become a member of the community:

*detailed objsharpeningin the video - soon

  1. Download discord application and register (sign up): download

  2. Join the community - here

  3. Choose one of the memberships below

2nd emoji.png

VIP membership

10 € / per month

You will get VIP status and access to channels:

  • 🥈┃welcome

  • 🔔┃vip notifications

  • 📖┃ dictionary



  • 🔎┃analysis of the situation in general

  • 📰┃news and events

  • 🚨┃trade crypto

  • 🏭┃legacy trades

  • 🔗┃onchain analysis

  • 📊┃portfolio

  • 🏫┃education

  • 🔊┃room for trading


  • 🥈┃vip conversation chat

  • 📈┃trading conversation chat

  • 💎┃project analysis forum

  • 🎤┃VIP voice chat

royal emoji.png



ROYAL membership

€400 / one time

You will get ROYAL status and lifetime access to the complete content:

  • 📙┃course for crypto and trading

  • 🥈all in VIP membership

  • 🥇┃all in PREMIUM membership

  • 🔮┃content in the future

One-time payment for ROYAL membership is €400 -save money in the long run.

The number of ROYAL members is limited and it is necessary to send an inquiry.

*preferred method of payment for membership is via PayPal account (links listed below membership description) due to automatic billing on a monthly basis

*for an alternative payment method (bank, crypto) it is necessarysend an inquiry

*by purchasing membership you acceptterms of use

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